Welcome to Com Technology

Whether it's through press releases, photo images, media advisories or our point-of-contact outlets; we specialise in getting your message to the world's media.

Our philosophy: In today's immediate climate, it is action and reaction that people remember.

  • Coverage targeting radio/television/print/electronic (press releases, photo images, media advisories, point-of-contact).
  • Commercial photography - both still and dynamic.
  • Time-lapse cameras - we have a variety of dedicated high-quality remote cameras for long-term time lapse projects that have previously included construction/deconstruction type purposes. Each is self contained - relying on solar and internal batteries to run for durations of years (longest current single duration project is 30 months).
  • Website design, maintenance, hosting and email packages.

Business principal Lance Hastie has worked with many of New Zealand's national and international driver talent (Australia, Asia, USA and in Europe), building relationships with boutique and mainstream outlets to promote their progress.

We pride ourselves on delivering critical information for maximum impact, contact us now for an immediate and obligation free appraisal of your requirements.